What Exactly Are MDF Boxes?

At Australian Boxes and Crates, we always provide the best materials of the highest quality. Not only do we stock solid wood, we also stock other materials that can withstand all kinds of climates for all your storage needs. MDF Boxes (Medium Density Fibreboard) are an excellent way to store and transport your products using a high-grade composite material that performs even better than our quality solid wood. When choosing which material is best for you to store or transport your goods, it is often assumed that solid wood is the way to go, but that’s not always the case.

What Are MDF Boxes?

So, what exactly is MDF made of that makes it such a valuable material to use in packaging and protection of your goods? MDF is emerging as the new industry leader in packaging for a very good reason. It is made from recycled wood fibres and resin that has been machine dried and pressed to construct strong, stable sheets. It is bonded with synthetic resin adhesives in the production process, which are cured under pressure and heat making it suitable for all kinds of climates, and then paraffin wax is added to assist with protection and repelling of water. It has an even density throughout the material and is smooth on both sides, giving it a very appealing finish.

Compared to Solid Wood

Solid wood has an assumed advantage as a packing and transportation material due to its sturdiness and appearance, but when confronted with heat and humidity, wood has the unfortunate tendency to shrink or buckle. If you’re storing your products in an environment with high humidity, your wood will require maintenance and care to last for as long as possible. That’s why we recommend MDF boxes or crates for when you need quality material in harsher conditions, without needing to maintain it. Our MDF boxes are refined by computer-operated machinery with significantly stronger density that means the wood does not move when the conditions change. It will slightly expand and contract but it will not crack or peel like solid wood has the ability to do in harsher conditions.

MDF boxes and crates are of great quality, offering the many advantages listed above, but they are also a cost-effective solution. MDF is cheaper than plywood and most other materials that are available on the market. Due to the smoothness and consistency of the build, you can cut and shape the material easily meaning it’s very easy to work with. The sealed, smooth texture means that the MDF Boxes are easy to paint and the grains of the material won’t crack or bleed through the paint over time. They are lightweight, strong, durable, and fire resistant and an excellent pick for your storage and transportation needs. Contact ABC Crates for more information on our range of MDF solutions!

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