Create a Doghouse with Wooden Pallets

Families all over Australia love their pets, with one or more dogs finding a home in over a third of households across the nation.  And that number doesn’t even include those who wish they had a dog of their own.

Dogs wait all day for their owners to come home from work. In fact, our beloved pups spend almost half their lives waiting for us to come home and just simply love them. When you see your dog, it’s important to show them how much you care, and if you’ve been thinking about the best way to make them feel loved – with the exception of letting them on the bed – why not build them their own house?

Building a doghouse from wooden pallets is a great opportunity to spend some bonding time with your pup on an afternoon at home, and hopefully a way to keep them out of trouble.

Everything You’ll Need

A selection of Wooden Pallets
Pry bar
Wood treatment or Paint

Preparing the Base of your Doghouse

To begin building your doghouse, you will need to create a base – firstly, to support the structure and secondly, to ensure your dog has something secure and flat to lay on. You could use a pallet for the base, and add a section of old carpet on top to make the floor of the doghouse smooth and cosy.

Building the Frame with Wooden Pallets

Now it’s time to build on to your base with walls. Begin pulling of planks of wood from one side of the pallets with a hammer and pry bar. This way, each pallet can create two walls. Having a selection of pallets means you can fill in any gaps with spare wood too.

Measure the height you want for your doghouse on one of the wooden pallet sides, and cut the opposing side a little shorter to create a slanted roof – keeping your pup warm and dry. Saw the back wall at an angle to match with either side, and the left over wood can act as your roof.

Securing the three sides and roof with nails and a hammer gives this doghouse a very large front door and an open plan feel.

Decorating your new Dog House

All that’s left to do is to decide whether to treat or paint the wood of your doghouse. And once the paint has dried, add some personal touches like soft blankets and toys that you know your dog loves – making the doghouse your pup’s very own staycation.

Wooden pallets are cheap and easy to build with, can withstand any wear and tear your pup throws at them, and make great materials for outdoor projects or furniture. After completing your doghouse, your pets will surely shower you with love and affection in the only way they know how – big kisses. And whether your dog is on their best behaviour or not, by the time you’re done, your little pup won’t want to leave the doghouse

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