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Custom Wooden Boxes & Pallets in Perth

For all your timber manufacturing needs including of timber packing crates, wooden pallets and boxes; scallops and cradles servicing the Perth area, at Australian Boxes and Cases we have you covered!

Wooden Crates

At Australian Boxes and Cases, we specialise in providing businesses with high quality crates that will suit every need. All our wooden crates are made to order, and at an affordable price.

Regardless of the dimensions needed, all our crates are carefully constructed to be easily packed and keep your goods safe during transit and storage.

Wooden Pallets

Our high quality pallets have been helping Australian businesses to transport their goods for decades. Not only are they a hugely practical solution, but also their durability means you’ll be able to use them over and over again

Each pallet is custom made to your specifications, and can be made export ready on request. This means all our pallets can be built to be approved according to the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure Regulations (ISPM).

Shipping pallets are a great choice for a wide variety of goods. They can hold all sorts of awkward shapes and heavy items, yet are always easy to lift and transport.

Wooden Boxes/Cases

Wooden boxes ensure your items are safe and secure when you’re transferring them. We know this is your top priority in moving your goods, so we make it our top priority during the construction phase.

One way we do this is by constructing your box to your specifications. By doing this, you’ll be able to firmly pack your goods – keeping them in place and safe from knocks and bumps during transit.


Saddles are a great option for transporting pipes and other delicate, round objects.

We will tailor your saddle to perfectly fit whatever you need to transport. This will keep your goods safe and secure during transit. By making sure our wooden saddles are perfectly fitted to your specification you can trust that your products will be in pristine shape when they get to their destination. Our team are experts in this fitting process, and can help you get the very best option for your business.

Our saddles are also very cost effective, as they never use any more wood than is necessary. Plus you’ll save of having to replace damaged items once you switch to this more secure system.

Timber Packing

Timber packing crates provide structural strength with no gaps. This ensures your objects are stored solidly and with no impact or damage from moving. Because we custom make these crates they’re a highly effective, efficient, flexible and affordable way to transport your product.

Timber is also a great option for the environment as it’s a renewable resource. Once your crates have served their purpose in transporting your items, they can easily be turned into other wooden items, such as furniture.

All out timber packing solutions can be supplied for international trade on request, meeting all guidelines needed to ensure your products make it smoothly from A to B without any holdups.