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Ensuring your items are safe and secure when transporting is the most important priority for Australian Boxes and Cases. Wooden boxes are the usual standard for packaging and moving goods of any size. We specialise in making sure that your products can be packaged and transported efficiently and affordably. We know that each one of our clients has a product that requires a different shape and so no matter what size your items are, we can customise boxes to suit any requirement.

We understand how incredibly important it is to move your items safely, so our wooden boxes will be built to ensure that your goods will fit firmly and designed to fit the specific dimensions of your items. It is also crucial to build boxes that can withhold the exact weight of your products, are transport specific and are airfreight lightweight so make it affordable for you. Australian Boxes and Cases takes all this into account to ensure your shipment’s safe and efficient delivery.

Our custom-made boxes are made of hardwood medium density fibreboard, which is a high-grade composite material that can perform better than solid wood. This material is made from recycled wood fibres and is machine dried and pressed, ensuring the protection is solid, dense and stable. It is reliable for hot and humid conditions, so is perfect for environments that are uncontrollable or unpredictable. This means that your wooden boxes require less maintenance and can be recycled and reused again, getting the most value for your money. The medium density fibreboard material also has a smooth and dent-resistant surface, giving it a more uniform-sealed look. Choose from pine, plywood or hardwood timber, depending on your requirements.

Not sure which wooden box structure is perfect for you? Give our team a call and they’ll be able to help find the best wooden boxes to suit your goods.


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