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Australian Boxes and Cases was established in 1995 after the original managing director Glen Allmark saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass up - no one in Western Australia was supplying high quality materials handling platforms made from renewable resources.

With demand for transport boxes rapidly increasing, the market quickly took up our offer of cost efficient and quality products in a timely manner.

With just four employees in a small shed in Aloha St Maddington, it was humble beginnings for us at ABC. As word spread, the team gradually expanded to 15 people and eventually moved to a larger space in Wildfire Road, Maddington. This bigger block gave us the chance to expand operations with a drive through yard and large factory space. From here there was no slowing down. Businesses of all sizes and industries were coming to ABC for their transport box needs.

Today Glenn still has an active role in ABC, with a hand in all major business decisions, as well as the company’s direction. Michael Aquino, an experienced leader and manager with a customer service focus now oversee the day-today operations. Having owned and run small businesses throughout his career, Michael understands what it takes to ensure ABC continues to provide the best products to its loyal customers.

Assisting Michael is ABC’s Sales Manager, Brian James. Like Glenn, Brian has over 35 years of experience in the materials handling and packing industry. This gives him a specialised knowledge and background, almost unmatched within the industry. As well as this, Brian is highly trained in both marketing and customer service, making ABC a cut above the rest.

Our products come in various sizes and styles. We can also make them exactly to your specifications to suit your requirements. Our range extends from fully enclosed cases and slatted crates through to pallets and packing timbers and more. Whether manufactured from pine, or plywood, our boxes are suitable for a multitude of specialised materials handling purposes.

Here at Australian Boxes and Cases we have a diverse customer base ranging from fuel and oil companies right through to fruit and vegetable growers and many industries in-between. Most factories and warehouses will require some form of materials handling platform, especially transport boxes at some stage of their operation, with many requiring these on a regular basis. ABC’s ability to provide transport boxes and a range of other solutions so effectively and consistently is the reason our business has become such a staple of the Western Australian business scene.

Choosing us at ABC is the obvious selection. We have over 17 years of experience, a stable supply chain that makes us a part of some of WA’s most successful businesses, timely delivery and quality products.

We have always kept our vision is a simple one. We want to continue to provide a cost efficient and quality product to our customers whilst providing a safe and secure environment for our employees.

We are committed to supplying quality products and customer service as well as competitive pricing. We ensure customer satisfaction remains our number one priority.

Welcome to Australian Boxes and Cases

Why ABC Crates?

25 years Experience

We have been supplying quality crates, cases and pallets to a broad range of valued customers since we were established in 1995.

Stable Supply Chain

The production team at ABC have manufactured for some of Western Australia’s most successful companies.

Timely Delivery

We strive to make this a quick and efficient process for our clients.

Quality Products

We have vast experience in both product design and manufacturing.