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Wooden Crates

Having cost-effective wooden crates to transport, distribute and store your product, while using the best quality materials is fundamental to the success of your business, and has been our mission since we began. Packing and transporting a variety of products from one location to the other will be the least of your worries with the range of crates from Australian Boxes and Cases.

We ensure you are provided with extra protection, with wooden crates that allow you to perfectly pack objects in a compact and stackable way, taking out the hard work for you. Each wooden crate features a slatted design, allowing for easy visibility inside the crate, for identification purposes, whilst ensuring secure protection of your items.

Customer service is our number one priority. We have been supplying quality wooden crates for over 17 years, and have manufactured crates, boxes and pallets for some of Western Australia’s most successful companies. We offer the best value for money by customising our wooden crates to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whatever size or type of product you are transporting, ABC can accommodate wooden crates boxes for you.

Our product range is perfect for transporting everything from big awkward items, like fridges, down to smaller items like fruits and vegetables, and so customising the packaging is ideal for reducing weight and keeping costs at a minimum.

Made solely from durable pine, Australian Boxes and Cases will make sure you get the right packaging for your product. Our wooden crates are comprised of renewable resources and are inexpensive to repair. They are sturdy, stackable and secure and due to their quality, they can be reused over and over again.

Let us organise the most cost-effective solution for you. Contact our friendly team to find out how you can reduce your storage space and get the most out of your transport packaging.


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