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Australian Boxes and Cases have a number one priority of ensuring that all of our clients are provided with the best experience when transporting their products. ABC is the best place in Perth to get wooden saddles to protect your pipes, wine bottles and other round objects.

Our wooden saddles are made from quality, durable material to make sure that all of your curved items can be transported from A to B without any setbacks. Our team have a wealth of experience tailoring the right saddles to your needs, so you know you will be in the best hands. We provide a customisation service of the saddles for you, according to any specification or requirement.

The wooden saddles are designed and manufactured to have strength and rigidity to carry heavy loads safely and ensure that no damage occurs during transportation. We can help you to determine how your product can be supported in the best way preventing any harm and ensuring a worry-free process during transit of your important objects.

With a customised transport saddle, you will be making sure that your goods are being shipped safely and you will also be bringing costs down. There’s no need to pay for extra or over-sized saddles to fit your product. ABC will build the saddles around your items so that you are using the minimum amount of wooden saddles needed. This not only brings down the price making it cost efficient for you, it ensures that your items are protected securely with no opportunity for them to move around against the saddles during transportation.

Contact our team to get one of our friendly staff to help organise the diameter, width and height that will be specifically designed to match the dimension of your individual product. ABC understands that all needs are different so will tailor our service to you.



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