How To: Build a Wooden Pallet Bar

So, naturally, you’ve decided you need an outdoor bar in the garden. You realise it’s a little too expensive to buy an entire bar on a whim. You mull over it, if only for a minute. You think to yourself – this would be a perfect DIY project. Even the kids can get involved.

When DIY inspiration hits, it’s important to take action. The popularity of wooden pallet furniture is at an all-time high, and a wooden pallet bar is calling your name. Fortunately for you, the life of an export pallet doesn’t have to end after its initial use is over. These pallets offer a sustainable wood material which can be used to update and upsell your home. Upcycling is the best way to make sure you are keeping costs low, environmental friendliness high, and personal DIY projects at the forefront.

Once you have committed to starting your wooden pallet bar, the next step is to collect the materials and tools you will need for the grand task.

Everything You’ll Need

  • 2 Wooden pallets
  • Wood screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Timber board or tiles (for countertop)
  • String or twine

Building The Wooden Pallet Frame

In an open outdoor area, attach two wooden pallets side by side together with string or twine through the slits in the wood. This is the first step in securing the pallets and means you can move it around until you are happy with your arrangement.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your chosen design, use wood screws to secure the pallets together.

Building The Bar Top

Now that the wooden pallets are secure, use a lightweight timber board, found at a DIY or hardware store, or even taken from another wooden pallet, to create the bar top required for a flat serving surface.

Using wood screws again, this time attach the bar top with a straight and tight screw, making sure screws are the right length and do not pierce through the top of your bar.

Decorating Your New Bar

Now you have the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for summer wines and barbeques, or even for a mulled wine on one of those cooler nights. And all that’s left to do is to treat or decorate your new piece of landscape art.

These wooden pallet bars are so easy to make that you could have one in every room! They are also the DIY project that keeps on giving, and you can update your bar with a lick of new paint, fairy lights or a cute succulent or two – to keep things outdoorsy.

Thinking about how easy that wooden pallet bar was? Why not try your hand at wooden pallet garden beds and a variety of other outdoor furniture? Export pallets are always available and adding more pallet furniture to your space is a guaranteed way to keep friends and family coming back to the bar for drinks, good times and mostly, admiration for your DIY handy work.


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