Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler [Summer Special]

With summer approaching, it might be a good idea to inspect your outdoor furniture. It’s probably been a while since you’ve used it for entertaining, and probably, even longer since you’ve had a close look at it. Winter takes its toll on our gardens, houses and outdoor entertaining spaces. It might be time for an update, and with pallet furniture, it’ll be an upgrade too.

If you need to take a break from serving drinks, this pallet coffee table can also easily be used for storage or to grow plants in. Invite some greenery into your life, and these plants can be used as a centre piece for entertaining. Make this table the heart of your outdoor space, and a place to sit around with friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Table Measurements

2x Long Outside Frame
2x Short Outside Frame
2x Long Inner Frame
2x Short Inner Frame
6x Short Top Boards
6x Long Top Boards
12x Table Leg Boards

Everything You’ll Need

Wooden Pallets
Wood Treatment
Tray Insert

Building the Outer Frame

From your collection of pallet wood, arrange planks of wood which are roughly the same size – you’ll need both long and short boards – and saw off a section from each end to create smooth edges. Using two long and two short boards, build a rectangle to create the outer frame.

With your outer frame complete, make a similar inner frame to support your centre tray, so that it doesn’t fall through the table. To keep the two frames in place, use sections of leftover wood fitted between the frames to ensure they’re parallel to each other. Getting this right means your table will be strong and bear the weight of all those drinks.

Create the Table-Top

Save up your best bits of wood to create the top section. There should be four top panels, two long sections and two short sections, with each panel being three boards wide. Glue and nail three short boards together and do the same with the other three. Repeat with the long boards – two lots of three should end up glued side by side. Lay these sections flat along the top of your outer frame, fitted together in a rectangle. It might look a bit like Tetris at this point.

Attach the Legs

Now, you should get four legs ready to attach to your table. The legs can be made of three boards glued and nailed together – so that it looks like the top section. When they have dried, place them in line with the top so that it gives a waterfall effect.

Caring for your Table

Once everything is complete, give your table a sand down to remove any rough edges, and treat the wood so that it can survive outside. There’s no reason why you can’t test out the drinks tray immediately. Get prepared for Summer now with an arrangement of pallet furniture, so when the heat hits, all you have to do is sit down and drink something nice and cold.

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