Pallet Edition: Taking Gift Ideas Above and Beyond

If you need some gift inspiration, have a look at the Top 10 Pallet Gifts. Improve your gift-giving reputation with personalised gifts, whilst saving money and time by using wooden pallets. You’ll probably like these pallet gifts so much you’ll want to make two – and save one for yourself.

Top 10 ideas

Bathroom set shelf

Wooden pallets look great in the bathroom, creating a beachy vibe reminiscent of driftwood. With this shelfing you can keep your bathroom tidy and store hygiene essentials easily, so nothing gets lost or washes up months later.

Coffee mug rack

Is your mum a bit passionate about mugs? Then a wooden pallet mug rack is a great gift for mum. Give her a personalised and handmade rack so she can proudly show off her favourite mugs.

Wooden Pallet coat hang

If you need somewhere to put coats, hats or bags, then a pallet coat hang is an efficient way to tidy them up. Giving your home character and being useful at the same time means this DIY project might even add value to your home.

Rustic mail and key holder

If you’ve mastered the coat hang, why not make a matching mail and key holder. You can use the mail holder to keep your unwanted mail and it can act as a reminder to take it when you leave the house.

Wine glass serving tray

It’s easy to think you don’t need a wine glass serving tray, but when you set up a cheeseboard in the tray with glasses and wine, you’ll realise the error of your ways. Save some money on wooden pallets to make it and buy a more expensive bottle of wine.

Pallet Rustic Decorative Menu Board

Homemade food is always the best – so why not turn your kitchen into your favourite restaurant. Making a menu board from pallets means you can serve up the house specials and get creative with typography.

Wooden Pallet Lantern

Open up a dimly lit space with this rustic and ambient wooden pallet lantern. This gift is sure to be received well – everyone loves fairy lights, and this lantern is kind of like a very large fairy light.

Monogram Garden Pallet Sign

Consider a minimalist garden sign made from wooden pallets to showcase your design skills. Paint or carve a simple number, like your house number, so that you’ll have a unique sign to direct people to where you live.

Contemporary Pallet Beer Opener

A modern bottle opener is a great addition to your keys – you can take it everywhere and show off your wood-work skills. Make a small one for your keys or a really big one attached to your wall.

Farmhouse Pallet Round Clock

Make a rustic style clock for your own home or as a gift. When you’re running late, you can have a glance at the clock and feel the relief that if this whole 9-5 thing doesn’t work out then you can take up full-time DIY.

Grow your pallet repertoire with these gift ideas and you’ll become known for your taste and generosity. Show your loved ones how much you care with handcrafted gifts and watch their impressed – or surprised – faces fill will joy when they receive them.

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