Ultimate Summer Outdoor DIY

Summer is coming, and that means summer holidays. That might also mean that you’ll soon end up with a house full of bored and stir-crazy kids. Why not take this time to inspire your kids with lessons about the value of recycling, sustainability and hard-work through a series of DIY wooden pallet projects? You could end up with some funky and unique outdoor pieces and a bunch of memories to carry you through the summer months.

For Mum

A swing bed might seem like the kind of luxury you can’t afford, but with wooden pallets it can become a reality. Kind of like a hammock, but a bit sturdier, a wooden pallet swing bed is a great project to make for mum so she can take a minute to relax. This DIY swing is easy to make by joining two wooden pallets together and attaching the frame to a tree with strong rope. If you want to upgrade your wooden pallet swing, add a comfy mattress alongside some pillows and blankets and have night under the stars.

For Dad

If dad has just finished making mum a pallet swing bed, then it might be time for him to have some wooden pallet furniture of his own. A comfy pallet chair with cushion is the perfect seat to relax on in between grilling on the barbeque. And to make cooking even easier, why not craft him an additional pallet BBQ station. A BBQ station can be made easily by breaking apart pallets and securing together boards of wood. Dad will be the BBQ king, and everything can be kept in one place to make tidying up easy.

For the Kids

Did you ever want a sandbox when you were younger? Your kids probably have the same dreams. Why not make the sand box from wooden pallets and make your garden the best place to play. All you need is to create a frame from pallets by digging four poles into the ground securing pallet boards around the posts. This sandbox is a great way to keep your outdoor space neat and tidy and stops sand from going everywhere. Building an additional pallet lid will also keep the sand dry. All you have to do is dust the kids off before they’re allowed back inside.

For the Whole Family

Building a family sized swimming pool will be the best start to the summer holidays, and you’ll certainly be grateful when the heat hits. Take this opportunity for some family bonding time and set tasks for everyone to complete. You’ll all be able to share the reward when it’s finally done. You can make a wooden pallet swimming pool with easy materials like pool liner and wooden pallets. There are plenty of different designs for swimming pools all including wooden pallets as a central component.

Using pallets to improve your home can keep the whole family busy through those summer months. So, what are you waiting for? There are hundreds of wooden pallets out there ready to be repurposed for your new swing, sandbox or swimming pool.

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