5 Interesting Facts About Wooden Pallets

As one of the greatest inventions in modern logistics, wooden pallets and wooden pallet boxes have transformed how we consume goods all over the world. Here are 5 interesting facts you may not know about these versatile transportation products.


Wooden pallets are environmentally friendly


As wood is biodegradable (unlike plastic or metal) and its recycling rate is much higher than that of paper or plastic. Contrary to popular belief, wooden pallets are not one of the causes of deforestation either, as the trees are cut down to make timber products, new trees are immediately planted therefore making timber a renewable product.

Wooden pallets also get upcycled into other useful items. At the end of their life, 97% of wood pallets are recycled into things such as boiler fuel, mulch, wood pellets, or animal bedding.


They are strong and versatile


While they may not be as pretty as furniture grade wood, wooden pallets are just as strong and versatile. The timber is flexible and resistant to damage. If for some reason damage does occur, they can be easily repaired to lengthen their lifespan without reducing any structural integrity.


They’re very economical


Wood is a lot more affordable than metal or plastic, as costly production methods for plastic and metal push their prices up, making them less economical. Comparatively, wooden pallets can be produced cheaper, using offcuts industries. This helps keep your business cost down.


Good for crafting


You can get a bit creative with wooden pallets! In the home, timber pallets have often be used for do-it-yourself projects such as cubby houses, birdhouses, photo frames or clocks, and much much more. There are plenty of online tutorials showcasing an extensive range of things you can do with wooden pallets for both inside and outside the house.

Wooden pallets have redefined logistics


Pallets have changed modern logistics. They are one of the most important advancements of the 20th century, enabling large volumes of items to be transported like never before. The pallet system is much more secure and efficient than the previous method of stacking boxes and crates on a ‘skid’ – often referred to as a poor man’s pallet as it has no bottom wood deck.


Today, the modern world relies heavily on wooden pallets for the transportation of food and other consumer goods. Companies such as IKEA have actually redesigned some products to optimally fit on pallets!


Where can I get wooden pallets in Perth?


Australian Boxes and Cases (ABC Crates) are the pallet specialists, servicing the Perth region. Their high-quality pallets have – for decades – helped thousands of businesses transport their goods. Custom built and approved to the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure Regulations (ISPM), head on over to ABC Crates here for more information, or call (08) 9493 1228.

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