The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Shipping Crate for Your Business

Choosing the right tools can make all the difference between smooth operations and costly setbacks.

At ABC Crates, a leading manufacturer of ​​wooden boxes, crates and packaging products in Perth, Western Australia, we understand the important role that shipping crates play in carrying and safeguarding your products during transit.

With an array of options available in terms of size, material and design, selecting the appropriate shipping crate for your business can seem daunting.

However, we can help you with our ultimate guide to choosing the right shipping crate for your business needs.

Selecting the right shipping crate is crucial for businesses. Consider factors like size, material, durability and cost-effectiveness. Consult experts, assess product needs, customise where necessary and prioritise sustainability. Test and refine your choices for optimal shipping efficiency and product protection.

This shipping crate guide will help you understand the importance of selecting the right crate and add some practical tips for effective decision-making. It aims to empower businesses to make informed choices and optimise their shipping processes.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Storage Crate

Shipping crates not only serve as packaging vessels but as the first line of defence for your products during transportation.

Whilst protecting goods from damage, they also play a vital role in the efficient use of transit space, streamlining handling processes and ensuring compliance with shipping regulations.

Selecting ill-fitting or subpar crates could lead to a myriad of challenges that might seriously disrupt business flow. Increased shipping costs, delays in delivery, potential safety hazards and product damage from using inferior crates can all lead to frustrations and disappointment for you and your customers.

By investing a little time and effort into selecting the appropriate shipping crate, businesses can mitigate these risks and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

A well-chosen crate not only safeguards your products but also contributes to cost-effectiveness, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

If you need advice about choosing the right shipping crate for your business, then we’ll be happy to assist. Simply contact us for some help.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Crate

There are some aspects that you will need to take into account when choosing the right crate, which we cover below: 

The Nature of Your Product

What is your product made from?  Is it fragile or fairly durable?  What’s its shape? Is it long like a pipe? Or is it round, or angular with sharp edges?  Or is it just … big?

Carefully consider what you are packing and whether your product needs extra packing material around it because it is fragile, angular, irregular in shape or big.  All these factors will impact the size of the shipping crates or saddles to be used.


Size matters! This is one of the most obvious considerations when selecting a shipping crate and is the specification that we look at first.

Ideally, the crate should be spacious enough to accommodate your products comfortably, whilst ensuring a snug fit to prevent shift during transit.

Oversized crates can lead to wasted crate space, possible damage of your product due to  movement within the crate and extra shipping costs. On the other hand, undersized crates may compromise product integrity and safety.

It’s a balancing act but one that can be easily solved. Simply assess your products’ dimensions and volume requirements carefully and then contact us to confirm or determine the ideal crate size for your needs.

Material Selection

The material of the crate plays a crucial role in its durability, weight and environmental impact.

Common materials used for shipping crates include the ever-popular wooden or timber crates, but plastic and corrugated cardboard can sometimes be used also.

Each material has its own unique properties and suitability for different applications.

Our top picks are wooden and timber crates. They offer excellent strength and durability, making them ideal for most items, heavy or fragile. And they can be recyclable.

Plastic crates are lightweight, resistant to moisture and chemicals and are often reusable, making them suitable for some industries.

Corrugated cardboard crates are lightweight, cost-effective and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option for certain products.

Again, carefully consider factors such as product fragility, weight and transportation methods and conditions when choosing the material for your shipping crate.

For us, there is very little that can beat using wooden or timber crates as a secure way to transport your products.

Durability and Strength

The durability and strength of the shipping crate are paramount to ensure the safe transportation of your products.

We manufacture and supply wooden crates because, quite simply, they’re made from naturally strong, high-quality materials and are sturdily constructed. Our timber crates can be made-to-measure to accommodate your product.

Consider factors such as load-bearing capacity, impact resistance and stacking capability to gauge the crate’s durability.

Additionally, evaluate external factors such as temperature fluctuations, humidity levels and rough handling during transit.

Our range of products focuses on wooden crates, pallets, boxes/cases, saddles and timber packing because natural, recyclable wood/timber has strength and durability, and can withstand difficult conditions without easily compromising product integrity.


We understand that while quality and durability are essential, cost-effectiveness also plays a significant role in crate selection.

Therefore, be sure to assess the total cost of ownership, (including upfront purchase costs, maintenance expenses and potential savings) of reusable or recyclable crates. As well as providing this shipping crate guide, we can help guide you on this aspect when you contact us.

We can assist in considering factors such as longevity, reusability and ease of storage to determine the overall cost-effectiveness of different crate options.

But keep in mind that while it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest available crate, it’s essential to weigh the long-term benefits against short-term savings to make an informed decision.

Practical Tips for Effective Crate Selection

As experts in the shipping crate industry, it would be wrong if, in a shipping crate guide, we didn’t provide some professional tips for you to take away. So let’s go through some of these next…

Conduct a Product Assessment

Before selecting a shipping crate, conduct a thorough assessment of your product’s characteristics, including size, weight, fragility and special handling requirements.

This will help you determine the most suitable crate specifications and ensure adequate protection during transit.

Consult with Experts

Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from our team of shipping crate experts.  With over 25 years of industry experience, we can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your specific shipping needs.

We can assist you in choosing the right crate for your business, the ideal size, material and design to optimise your packaging and shipping processes. 

Consider Customisation Options

In some cases, off-the-shelf shipping crates may not fully meet your requirements.

Explore customisation options to tailor the crate design to your exact specifications. Customised crates can offer enhanced protection, efficiency and branding opportunities, ensuring a seamless shipping experience for your business.

Next Steps

We hope our shipping crate guide has been useful.

Choosing the right shipping crate is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your business’ success.

By considering factors such as crate size, material, durability and cost-effectiveness, businesses can optimise their shipping processes, minimise risks of damage or inefficiency and therefore, enhance overall supply chain performance.

At ABC Crates, we’re committed to helping our clients navigate the crate selection process effectively and find the perfect packaging solutions for their needs.

With this guide, along with our expert advice, you can make informed decisions and ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your products, every time. Call us today for some friendly immediate assistance.

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