Pine Crates – A Great Choice for Packaging

At Australian Boxes and Cases in Perth, we prioritise providing the best quality product for your services at an affordable price. Thankfully, there are many different reasons why using pine crates is a great choice. When purchasing packaging material for your goods, you want to make sure that the product is inexpensive, long-lasting and also not damaging to the environment. Here are five main reasons why pine crates are a great choice for you.

It’s Cost Effective

Pine materials come from pine plantations, which means it’s very easy to source the product at a good price. It costs much less than most hardwood materials, but it is still strong and durable. Even though it’s a cheaper material, that doesn’t mean it’s flimsy. In fact, pine packaging lasts for up to ten years and can be easily touched up and reused again and again, meaning you are maximising your value for money when you choose to purchase pine packaging and materials.

It’s Easy to Work With

Even though pine is referred to as a ‘soft wood’, it possesses a strength that is sturdy enough for most projects. It is strong enough to support a residential frame construction but is also malleable and easy to work with. You can cut, stain, carve, shape and nail into pine crates simply, which makes it an easier material to work with than most other materials and allows projects to be completed much quicker and more efficiently. It’s also very lightweight and has high friction, minimising movement and ensuring safety when your products are being transported.

It’s Renewable

Because pine crates come from pine plantations, there is an abundance of the material. Pine trees grow very easily in a range of conditions, and they grow quicker than other trees. Pine crates are more sustainable than other commonly used materials such as hardwood crates and allow us to be friendlier to the environment and renew the material ethically and responsibly.

It’s Reusable and Recyclable

Not only is pine easy and environmentally sustainable to grow, but it can also be reused and recycled. The flexible material means that it can be repaired or refurbished many times during its life span. Reusing the material means that our clients get more value for money out of the product, and recycling the pine means we reduce waste and the costs of disposing of it.

It Looks Great

The great thing about using pine crates is how many ways you can use them again and again. Pine has a colour that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It contains natural patterns and grains that make the material look good without needing to paint or apply a finish. You can use it again for flooring, fencing, furniture, animal bedding, mulch, compost and even renewable bioenergy!

There are many reasons to use pine crates with Australian Boxes and Crates. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can maximise your value for money by ordering the perfect pine packaging for your product today.

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