5 Ideas to Turn Your Pallets into Outdoor Furniture

Now more than ever, DIY has cemented itself as part of the Australian psyche. With many working from home and taking measures to stay distanced, upcycling projects have increased in popularity, making the competition high amongst our outdoor spaces and gardens. If you love to entertain during the summer months or even just enjoy spending your days outside taking in the sun, then crafting a series of outdoor furniture suited to your needs will boost your space and take some of that time off your hands.

Supporting local businesses like wooden crates suppliers, ABC Crates guarantees a high-quality product and service, so you can get started on your DIY projects immediately. All of the packing materials made and used by ABC Crates are recycled and repurposed, so you can take comfort in knowing that your outdoor space will tell a story and you won’t be increasing the demand for fast furniture.

pallet day bedA Cozy Daybed

If you’re ready to jump into DIY and looking for a new nook to read in or a place to throw your towels, a cozy daybed made from any of ABC Crates recycled packing materials can help your outdoor space become a haven for relaxation without costing you excessive amounts of cash.

All you need for this one is two pallets stacked on top of each other, and a pallet on the back for support, topped off with some comfy cushions and throws. If you want to make it more permanent, try securing the wooden pallets together and adding a mattress. When you design your own daybed, you can create something that feels unique to you – you’ll be able to specify the dimensions, colour and comfort – which you just can’t get at IKEA.

pallet garden barA Garden Bar

A wooden pallet Garden Bar can transform your outdoor space in a matter of hours with some quick DIY and just a bucket of ice. It’s a cost-effective alternative to going out to bars and restaurants, and during a pandemic, it’s a very viable option for getting back to normal and entertaining the family at home.

To transform packing materials like wooden pallets into functional garden furniture, you’ll need some inspiration, a pallet or two and some solid wood for your bar top to serve your beverages from. Make sure to treat your wood so that your outdoor bar stands strong throughout the seasons and lasts – because outdoor garden bars rarely go out of fashion. Keep your pallet bar looking fresh and modern with some greenery to garnish your drinks, and be sure to keep the cupboards stocked with whatever you love to drink.

pallet vertical planters

Vertical Planters

If your plants are looking a bit lonely and need a new space to thrive in, consider using a vertical pallet, which is practical for space and water savings. For this simple and sustainable project, one pallet placed vertically and some planks of wood slotted through will act as shelves for your plants.

You might want to keep your flowering plants at the top of this vertical garden and try some basil and mint underneath, as these do well with plenty of water. By pouring the water over the top of your plants, it should run down and feed the herbs at the bottom too. You’ll have homegrown ingredients for your next dinner party – and besides all of this self-sufficiency – it’ll keep your green-fingers busy too.

pallet pet bedA Pet Bed

We all love to care for our pets as if they were our children, so if you’ve been on all the good walks, the next best way to pamper them is with a wooden pallet pet bed. Recycled packing materials such as the humble wooden pallet provide a sturdy base for your new pet bed, and a simple topping like a soft cushion will keep your pet well-rested and comfortable. Getting the kids involved is easy too. Leave the painting and decorating up to them so their creativity can flow freely, and all you have to do is tidy up the mess.

vintage inspired stirage tableVintage Inspired Storage Table

Using pallets that previously functioned as packing materials is an easy way to achieve rustic outdoor furniture, as recycled woods have that bit more character. Choosing your materials from wood suppliers like ABC Crates will give your outdoor furniture a nostalgic and olde-worlde feel.

Adding castor wheels and a coat of white paint turns an unsuspecting crate into a Hamptons-style side table. But, if you’re feeling up for the challenge, carefully dissecting a wooden pallet can offer a more rewarding experience and allows you to customize it too. Any stamps, nails or features in the wood will tell a story, and the vintage look means that it’s difficult to notice any damage – so it’s a great piece if you’ve got kids, animals or a clumsy partner.

Protecting Your New Piece of Furniture

If you’re concerned about the environment and want to go green, then recycling packing materials is a great way to channel your creativity into future thinking and sustainability. Another way to increase the life of your new outdoor furniture is to paint and stain the pallets you use – keeping them looking new and also protecting them from the elements. The weather is often unpredictable, but maintaining your furniture with a wood stain can protect your daybed or vertical planters, and you’ll be adding quality years to your life.

Why Should You Choose ABC Crates?

With over 17 years of experience, wood and pallet suppliers ABC Crates have been bringing the highest quality pine and hardwood packing materials to Perth for some time. When you choose a local business like ABC Crates, you’ll receive a personal service and a great product that will last you through your DIY phase and beyond – and you can skip the queues at Bunnings.

If you need inspiration or encouragement, the experienced team at ABC Crates are here to guide you, whether that be online, on the phone or in person.

For more information and ideas from ABC Crates, contact us today at (08) 9493 1228 or email our team at australianboxesandcases@gmail.com. We want to hear from you. Say Hello.

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