5 Innovative Wooden Pallet Furniture Ideas for Creative Home Owners

Although wooden pallets are largely off-cuts from the furniture industry, did you know that they make great pieces of furniture themselves? Here we explore the different types of pallet designs you can obtain, and some nifty pallet furniture ideas to spruce up your home.

Different Types of Pallet Designs


One of the most widely used wooden pallet designs is the Block Pallet. It has blocks between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck, in a criss-cross pattern. The block design utilises cylindrical posts which separate the top deck from the bottom deck. Block pallets utilise both parallel and perpendicular stringers to better facilitate efficient handling.

Two more block design pallets are the Double-Face Pallet, consisting of both top and bottom decks, in a horizontal design; and the Reversible Pallet, which has an identical top and bottom decks. All are suitable for creating unique home furniture, with the only difference being the sequence and the pattern the pallets are created in.


Creative Home Owners Furniture ideas

An underrated source of decoration, wooden pallets are an environmentally-friendly way to liven up any home with a unique piece of furniture. From standing gardens to coffee tables, couches or shelving, wooden pallets can be transformed into just about anything furniture your home requires. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to create your own piece of wooden pallet furniture.


Dining Table

Popular uses for wooden pallets are to create small or large dining tables to compliment your home. You can design an original rustic looking table and finish it off with oil, wax or a polyurethane/deck sealer to add durability and protection from the weather.


Coffee Table


Great for beginners, pallet coffee tables can be built using just two 4×4 wooden pallets, some L-brackets, and some screws. These make great outdoor coffee tables. Tip: Put some rollers on the corners so you can easily roll it around for entertaining outdoors. You could even modernise it with a glass top and chuck it indoors!

Pet Bed


This one couldn’t more simple to create. Just cut into 1 pallet so you make a square or rectangular trough to chuck in a pillow and bob’s your uncle! Your furry friend will thank you for years, and its pet hair will more likely be more centralised in their comfy new sleep area!

Floating Shelf


This one couldn’t be easier. Take out a few of the middle boards and hang the pallet square onto the wall. The natural tessellation of the Pallet will create the shelf space for you!

Book Shelf


Stick a couple of pallets stuck on the wall, one on top of each other, then screw in a few shelves and you have yourself a rustic looking bookshelf! Customise it however you want for the amount and size of books you want to put up.


So Where can I Purchase Wooden Pallets for my Home?


For pallet furniture in Perth, look no further than Australian Boxes and Cases (ABC Crates). Servicing the Perth region for decades, their specialist team can source and tailor the perfect pallets for creating indoor and outdoor furniture for your home. Find out more information by visiting their website here, on by phoning them on (08) 9493 1228.

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