DIY Pallet Furniture – The After Thought of the Wooden Pallet

The thought of sleeping on old wooden crates or eating dinner off a wooden pallet furniture might not be at the forefront of every furniture owners mind, but as rustic sentiments and industrial decoration is becoming commonplace you can see an upsurge of furniture hunters moving away from overpriced furniture stores and closer to urban up-scaling by re-purposing and refurbishing old furniture and materials to create exciting home editions.

Wooden pallets already come with a Feng Shui foundation for most household structures, their slat base and square design gives them absolute functionality in and outside the home. You wouldn’t pay under $500 for an average quality wooden framed bed but using pallets and the same effort you would exude putting together the latest Fogbardargenmongen from IKEA, you could build your own unique bed for a fraction of the cost, if any.

From grand designs (left) to minimalistic endeavours (middle, right) that showcase your raw talent with raw materials, your bed can portray the inner carpenter in you or the savvy hipster youve always longed not to be. While queen and king size beds are more likely to put a hole in your wallet, wooden pallet frames will patch it up as you can customise your frame to any size or shape you like and create additional space to incorporate bedside tables or some storage room in the header (middle).

The bedroom isn’t the only place getting a refurbishing, as wooden pallet bar tops and benches have long been the status quo for share house owners and pop up bars looking for a quick ‘n’ chic solution to their weekend needs. While the trend hasn’t stopped, it has been adopted by mainstream DIY homeowners. The designs can range from audacious man cave setups (right) to simple almost “Hamptons-esc” side tables (left). Sturdy benches are hard to come by at an affordable price but slap some weatherproof varnish on four halved wooden pallets stacked (middle), and you will have an addition that makes you look like a woodsman, feel like a tradesman and as savvy as a furniture salesman.

Wooden pallets and crates have also become a new age staple in outdoor furniture as they don’t require the average homeowner to have a carpenters license. Outdoor settings can be constructed from the simplest designs; you can ordain any simple stack of pallets with some lush new cushions and pillows to highlight your setting, legitimise the look and provide some extra comfort. Wooden pallet flooring can be an amazing patio option and depending on the decadence of your design a creative thumb is all you’ll need. Wooden pallets make for less expensive flooring materials and that wonderful invention – the Internet, has catalogues of innovative designs for you to make your own. If the designing and construction process seems a little overwhelming find solace in the fact that if you do need a little help you’ll only pay for labour as wooden pallets are in abundance.

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