What Can You Make Out Of Wooden Crates?

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective DIY project in or around your home, consider getting crafty with some wooden crates. Wooden crates are very versatile, and with some inspiration, it’s easy to use wooden crates to create brand new furniture items, make some clever (and stylish) storage options or to anything useful . Here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor wooden crate DIY projects.


  • Wood crate bookshelf

If you’re new to DIY and want a simple project to get you started, a wood crate bookshelf is one of the easiest items to make. All you’ll need to do is stack your wood crates vertically and horizontally – whatever works in your space, or matches your aesthetic preference. You can make it as big or small as you like. Secure the crates with screws; using extra screws to help reinforce the crates in areas that need a bit more support. If you want to attach the bookshelf to the wall, you can use an L bracket, otherwise, leave it to be freestanding.

  • Wood crate wall storage boxes

Using a wood crate with the opening facing outwards, you can easily create some open wall boxes to store knick-knacks, photo frames, books or bulkier items like blankets. You could also place a smaller basket inside for a stylish concealed storage option. To do this, you’ll need to mount the crate to the wall using screws, brackets or hinges. Seek advice from your local hardware store to choose the safest and most effective option for where your boxes will be placed on your wall.


  • Outdoor coffee table

To give your outdoor furniture a rustic, farmhouse feel, construct a coffee table out of several wood crates stacked next to one another. To build it, arrange your crates so the openings face outwards, and make a frame to sit on the bottom of your table. You can make this frame using four pieces of wood that sit on the perimeter of the crates. Secure the crates to the base using screws or a nail gun. If you like, make your table moveable by adding wheels to the frame. Then, turn your table right-side-up and apply a sealant to finish it.

  • Wooden crate planter box

For a unique box to display plants, flowers or grow seedlings, secure a wooden crate to an outdoor wall and make it a colourful planter box. First, paint your crate your desired colour. Then, staple a layer of burlap, or a similar material, to the inside of the wooden crate to ensure no soil or water will seep out of it. It can also help to secure a plastic rubbish bag beneath the burlap for extra security. Place some rocks on top of the rubbish bag, and then secure your box to the wall using a drill and screws on the outside of the crate. Once it’s been secured to the wall, fill it halfway with potting mix and insert your plants.

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