Recycling Those Old Wooden Pallets

The good thing about wooden pallets is that they can easily be reused and repurposed, making your purchase worth every penny.

After using it for its main purpose, there are endless possibilities for how it can be recycled, from a bed frame to coffee table. However, today we’ll focus on one area of the home that could often do with some revamping: your outdoor area!

Give your outdoor area some extra furniture, create a succulent garden or even create a backyard greenhouse with recycled wooden pallets.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor settings can often set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. So, there’s no excuse to not recycle wooden pallets to create something unique for your outdoor area.

Outdoor Wood Pallet Chair

With just two wooden pallets and some blocks of other recycled wood, you can create an outdoor chair fit for two! You can create this outside chair with one wooden pallet as the seat itself and the other wooden pallet for the back of the chair, teamed with four chunks of recycled wood for the legs of the chair.

Add in some thick foam, covered in an old sheet or other recycled material, to give the chair some additional comfort.

Wood Pallet Patio Swing

One pallet can be broken down to create a stunning patio swing. With half the pallet used as the seat and the other half used as the back of the seat, all you need to do is sand back the pallet, add in supports in the side and back of the seat, give it a coat of paint and add in some hooks to hand rope or chain from – how easy is that?

Outdoor Wood Pallet Double Lounge Chair

For the perfect spot to spend lazy days in the sunshine, an outdoor double lounger is a perfect DYI project. After sourcing your pallets, sanding them back and giving them a little bit of attention to get them looking perfect, you’re ready to make your lounge chair.

Using four pallets in total, you can create a sturdy bottom layer (two pallets side by side), topped by another pallet centred in the middle of the bottom two, which becomes the seat, and create a backing for the seat using the fourth pallet.

Dress it up with some “sun lounger” cushions, add a pot plant or two and you’re done!

Garden #Inspo

By recycling wooden pallets, you can create an abundance of customised garden projects for your home, including herb planters, small and extravagant vertical gardens, freestanding planter boxes and even tables with succulents in them!

Outdoor Table with Succulent Garden

Constructing this table involves using one pallet, with one of the middle slats cut out and dropped down to create a planter box in the middle of the table.

With correctly treated wood and the right amount of attention, the succulents in the middle of the table will thrive and continue to provide a unique spin on your regular table.

Wooden Pallet Vertical Planters

If your backyard is low on space, or you have a spare wall that is calling out to be used, a vertical planter is an ideal choice. Plus, there are so many ways to recycle a wooden pallet for a vertical planter!

You can create a free-standing vertical planter, with herbs, succulents or your own favourite plants, or you can create a labelled herb garden that is fixed to the wall, which is a great interactive way to get kids learning about where food comes from.

Do a bit of dismantling, and then reassemble the planks to create more of a ladder look for your vertical garden, with a staggered level offering space for a variety of plants.

Sheds and Greenhouses

Showing their true versatility, wooden pallets can also be turned into amazing little greenhouses and sheds in your backyard.

Wooden Pallet Greenhouses

For those of us who love to grow fruits and vegetables year-round, a greenhouse can be a worthwhile investment.

To create the greenhouse, you can use wooden pallets as the sides of the greenhouse and recycled timber for the frame itself. The greenhouse can be as big or as small as you like, with timber framed windows recycled to create the greenhouse doors or windows that let the light in.

Wooden Pallet Shed

For a more experienced DIY’er, you can create an inexpensive new shed using wooden pallets! With a few old pallets, some upcycled windows and a door, and some corrugated tin for the roof, you can create a small or large shed to put your tools into.

The beauty of the project is that it is up to you how it looks and how big it is.

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