How To: Build a Wooden Pallet Garden Bed

Have you just moved to a new house, or have you been looking for a new hobby? Prefer to know where your vegetables and herbs come from, or have you just been watching too many home and garden inspiration shows on Netflix? Whatever the reason, creating wooden pallet garden boxes and pallet planter boxes from recycled shipping pallets is the perfect way to make your kitchen or garden more productive.

Materials like shipping pallets are perfect for this sort of project because they come at a low cost and in large numbers. There’s always a chance that you might want to create more garden beds, and the abundance of timber pallets can allow you to follow your new passion. It will be worth all the work when your product is feeding the family!

Using wooden pallets as an alternative keeps costs low, but also asking friends and family for plant cuttings offers another inexpensive way to start your plant collection or grow your garden. So, grab your gardening gloves and hit the dirt – your garden bed awaits!

Everything You’ll Need

  • 2-4 Pallets (one per garden bed)
  • Timber Nails
  • Hammer
  • Plyers
  • Plant Soil
  • Plants

Preparing Your Timber Pallets

The preparation of the wood is the most important part of taking your wood from a shipping pallet to an easy and trendy garden bed frame. Begin by removing any dirt or bits of wood from your pallets. You don’t need to keep them looking fresh from the start.

Depending on how many planter boxes you are looking for, start with one or two pallets, as each pallet creates one garden bed. With these pallets, decide which side will become the top and bottom and remove a few panels of wood from the top to create an open-topped box. Removing these planks of wood can be made easy by loosening nails with plyers.

Building Your Garden Bed

Next, you will notice that the sides of your pallet will need to be closed up so that soil and plants will sit securely in the garden bed. You can reattach the planks of wood removed earlier with some nails, or instead, staple gardening fabric around the edge of each pallet.

Planting Your Garden

Now, you can try setting your garden bed in the place where you plan to grow your veggies or flowers and begin to fill it three-quarters full of plant soil. You can now start digging small wells with your hands to arrange your new plants in. All that’s left to do is to water and wait!

If you find that your flower garden or vegetable patch takes off, then timber pallets can also be used to create wooden window boxes in the same way, so you can style up the house by sizing down the dimensions a little. And in case you have discovered that gardening is your passion, why not create some outdoor pallet furniture so that you can sit and take a break in between gardening!

Let these wooden pallet garden beds into your life and take your meals from home-cooked to home-grown. Create a garden – and good food – that even Jamie Oliver would be proud of.

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