Shipping Regulations

Just like any other product, wooden crates, boxes and pallets have international regulations that they must adhere to. The main set of regulations that need to be adhered to is called ISPM 15.

ISPM 15 – What Is It?

ISPM stands for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures and the number 15 refers to the document number that concerns solid wood packing materials. As a part of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Australia abides by these rules and integrates them on a national level.

The primary purpose of the guidelines is to prevent the spread of timber pests. Products that meet the ISPM-15 standards will have been either heat treated or fumigated to stop the spread of insects.

Manufacturers using products that come under the ISPM guidelines must also be audited regularly to ensure that all parts of the business, from sourcing to treating and record management are meeting all the necessary standards. ABC Crates is up to date with successful audits and continues to prioritise meeting all international shipping standards.

What Products Does It Apply To?

ISPM 15 applies to all soft wood and hard wood raw packing materials. This includes all pallets, boxes, cases and blocks. There are some products that are considered low risk and exempt from the shipping regulations, however most products used in packaging will need to be in line with regulations.

All raw wood packaging will be checked at the border to ensure it’s meeting ISPM standards and not posing any risk to the natural environment.

Compliance Metrics For ISPM-15

What Do You Need To Do To Comply?

There are two important criteria that need to be met in order for ISPM-15 requirements to be fulfilled. Firstly, each item needs to meet the ISPM 15 bark tolerance requirements. Visually separate and clearly distinct pieces of bark may remain if they are less than 3cm in width (regardless of the length) or greater than 3cm in width and the total surface area of a total piece of bark is less than 50 square centimetres.

Where products don’t comply, a number of things can happen. In the best case scenario the product will be treated or the bark may be removed. In worse cases, the product will have to be destroyed.

The second criteria is for the product to be subjected to an ISPM 15 approved treatment by an appropriately certified treatment provider or manufacturer, and have been marked appropriately to show this.

While this may sound confusing, our team are experts in meeting shipping regulations and ensure all our products are delivered to you perfectly ready for use.

Is That All There Is To Know?

ISPM-15 is an intricate document with many regulations. These regulations are important for regulating the way goods are shipped and transported in Australia and around the world. Rest assured that ABC Crates complies with all regulations as per Australian law. This helps keep our environment safe and ensures your goods get where they need to be.

Check the frequently asked questions about ISPM here.

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