Think Inside the Box

Have you tried to ship a big item or product to a customer, but ended up having to use the wrong kind of box or crate? Have your deliveries been damaged or broken because the packaging wasn’t the right size for them? Australian Boxes & Cases have got the answer for you and your shipping woes: customised wooden boxes.

Think Inside The Box: ABC Crates’ Customised And Fitted Wooden Boxes

Don’t keep guessing if your packaging works for your items. Shipping your products in custom-fit wooden boxes makes sure the packaging matches the dimensions of your product – reducing the space taken up and maximising storage, not to mention doing a better job of protecting your item from any damage.

Why You Should Get A Custom-Fitted Wooden Box

It may seem like you’ll have to pay extra for custom-fitted wooden packaging, but that’s not actually the case. The advantages you’ll get by using customised wooden boxes far outweigh any disadvantages, and we don’t think there are any disadvantages to having them custom-made. Imagine, you’ll be getting benefits like:

• You can literally fit anything, no matter how unusual the shape of the item is, in a custom wooden box. That’s why it’s called custom-fitted!

• A custom-fitted wooden box that matches the dimensions of your products and items means you can stack them without worrying about damaging the boxes underneath and their contents. This is because the items inside will have their weight evenly distributed along the inner surface of the box, and the wood acts as a good, sturdy, and durable shield from any outside elements that could damage your goods.

• The minimal damage to the delivered items means your customers will be even more satisfied, which means a better bottom line for you as no one will be sending anything back.

• When we say customised packaging, we mean it. We can add your or your company’s own personalised branding on to the wooden boxes, giving your customers a stylish product they know you made a real effort in creating from top to bottom. They wouldn’t want to throw it away!

• And they really wouldn’t want to throw one of your wooden boxes away, because they can reuse them if needed! The timber is recyclable as well, making it good for the environment.

So how about it? If you need to make sure your delivered items and products get to your customers safe and sound, a customised wooden box is the best way to ship them. You can now rest easy, knowing that your package will be safe when it arrives, even if it’s on the other side of the world.

Australian Boxes & Cases is the most trusted supplier of high-quality shipping and packaging materials in West Australia, and we’ll get you the boxing you need for your goods. Contact us now at or (08) 94931228 and let’s make your customised boxes today.

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