Wood vs Plastic Packaging – Why Wood Is Better

The history of wood

Before plastic was discovered, wooden pallets, boxes, and crates, were the standard means of cargo transport, and they served us very well! International shipping of goods would not have been possible without those sturdy timber designs, lasting on sea journeys that took weeks and even months to reach their destination. Thanks to their naturally weather-resistant coating and sturdy build, wood transport packaging has been the standard means of good transportation for centuries.

The history of plastic

Plastic as a new man-made material was first discovered in the early 1900s but did not become widely used and mass-produced until the 1960’s. Since then, plastic packaging has become a global addiction, bringing along massive amounts of waste material and damage to the ozone layer. Due to its creation via oil, plastic packing is not recyclable and costs the consumer a lot more than wooden pallets.

Wooden transport packaging is the best


When comparing plastic vs wooden, a clear benefit is the cost-effective nature of wooden transport packaging. Plastic packaging costs a lot more than wooden pallets, and they also cannot be repaired when damaged, unlike timber products.

Environmentally friendly

Wood is an amazing product material; not only is it extremely versatile it is also much better for the environment than unnatural plastic which is made from oil. Wood is a sustainable natural resource, and can be repaired and reused again and again.


Contrary to what you might think, wooden pallets can carry much more weight than their plastic counterparts. When built correctly, like the wooden transport packing here at ABC Crates, wood products can carry more than twice as much as plastic and are also not so easily crushed during transit, making them a reliable choice for transporting vulnerable cargo.


Wood is a naturally weather-resistant material that can excellently withstand wind and rain. This ensures your cargo is safe and secure without adding extra coverage to shield it from the elements.

Easily customised

Wooden pallets, boxes, and crates are an amazing choice should you need a customised packaging product. Here at ABC Crates we work closely with customers to create the perfect wooden transport packaging for their unique requirements.

Reduce reuse and Recycle

While some might try and sell plastic packing as built to last longer than its wooden counterparts, the facts are it is not recyclable. The beauty of using wooden pallets or crates is their ability to be repaired and reused over and over, and once it has fulfilled its duties there are multiple uses for wooden transport packaging; be it wood chips or furniture! The benefit to the planet of building packing from reusable materials is massive, and nothing helps the planet more than a reduction in the creation of man-made materials.

Wooden transport boxes in Perth

Here at ABC Crates we love working with timber and creating perfectly customized wooden transport packaging for our valued customers. They understand that you won’t always get your crates and wooden palettes back when shipping cargo internationally, and so choosing wood over plastic is not only cheaper but more environmentally friendly. For more information on our wooden transport packaging here in Perth get in touch today.


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