Can Wooden Pallets Be Recycled?

The beauty of working with wooden pallets is their simplicity; made from quality materials they can be reused and repaired many times over. They not only have the stability for long-term use, but the means to rejuvenate after multiple uses. Once wooden pallet crates have done their time they can continue to serve a purpose in the form of recycled materials.

What are wooden pallets used for

Uses for wooden pallets in Perth is almost endless, but the main way they are utilized is to ensure secure shipping for the many products shipped out across the country, and the world. It’s no coincidence that in an increasingly commercialized world wooden pallet crates have not only stayed their ground. but increased in importance as an efficient way to transport heavy goods, playing an important role in shipping logistics while remaining an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

Most common type of wood used to make Pallets

Here in Western Australia, we are lucky to have a diverse supply of wood to choose from when building our solid wooden pallets. The most common wood we work with is pine, which is a reliable softwood material perfect for durable wooden pallet crates. Here at ABC Crates we can create custom wooden pallets in Perth to suit your specific requirements; this not only means creating wooden pallet crates that are made from your desired material, but the shape and size as well.

Wooden Pallets are recyclable

Wooden pallet crates are easily recycled into a wide range of products, thanks to them being made from one of the Earth’s most flexible materials – wood! By reusing the material from wooden pallets you can save money on waste disposal while simultaneously gaining something new; be it a new piece of furniture, firewood, or compost.

Benefits of recycling your pallets

Like any reusable product, the main benefit of recycling wooden pallets is the financial savings. When using a lot it works out cheaper if you invest in wooden pallet crates designed for multiple uses, and recycle the materials when done. Another benefit is convenience, with no need to arrange for delivery or removal when reusing, repairing, and recycling your wooden pallets in Perth. A global bonus is of course the low environmental impact that comes with recycling a reusable product like wooden pallets, as it reduces the number of trees cut down as well as minimising greenhouse gases produced during waste management.

What happens to pallets once they have been recycled

We believe in a low-waste environment; why send something to the skip that can be given a second life as a practical material? When wooden pallets finally reach the end of their usefulness they can be turned into sawdust, ground into compost, and even used as a biofuel. Another option is to find a new use for the old wooden pallet crate; why not turn it into a table, chairs, or other forms of rustic furniture.

Wooden Pallets in Perth

Here at ABC crates we are proud to create a reliable product that is cost-efficient as well as durable, and guarantees long-term benefits thanks to its recyclable materials. For more information on our range of wooden pallets in Perth, or to discuss your need for a custom range of wooden pallet crates, simply get in touch today.

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