Custom Made Wooden Boxes: Store What You Need

At ABC Crates, providing the right custom made wooden boxes, crate and pallets to suit your business needs. Despite having a large range of shipping boxes and containers available, ABC Crates understands that the safe transportation of items can sometimes prove difficult. Regardless of your shipping needs, ABC Crates can create custom made wooden boxes that will make the transportation process easy and hassle-free.

Why Use Custom Made Wooden Boxes?

When it comes to shipping cargo, it’s not as simple as moving a set of items from point A to point B. One of the biggest considerations you’ll have to make is the safety of the items being shipped. When choosing to go custom, you’ll get to determine the following aspects of your shipping container:


Perhaps one of the most basic, yet essential parts of a storage boxes functionality, containment refers to how an item is restrained, which in this case would be in a wooden box of some form. The type of containment will depend on the product being shipped. For example, a lawn mower would likely require an open-frame crate, while a shipment of multiple smaller items would be better suited to a closed box with solid walls.


Safely shipping any manner of goods doesn’t end with containment, and so protection is paramount. Items will need to be protected from the elements, other items in the container, and manual handling when the crate or box is being moved around.


When a crate is being designed, consider how it will be handled, opened and unpacked, as these factors will influence its design. For this reason, custom made wooden boxes for your unique specifications, may be the way to go.


Proper handling and assembly instructions should be visible on the crate/boxes’ exterior, while shipping details, safety messages, and international markings should also be included to ensure the distribution process runs smoothly.

The Benefits of personalised custom made wooden boxes for Packaging Materials

If you want to protect your goods from getting damaged, you can’t just chuck them in a box and call it a day; you need a custom made wooden box that has been designed to fit the exact dimensions of your item/s. The weight of the product/s you’re shipping should also be taken into consideration. If you use a pallet or box that isn’t strong enough to support the weight of your item/s, the packaging could break and therefore damage your goods. By customising your shipping container, you’re taking a vital step towards ensuring the shipment’s safe delivery.

The third reason custom made wooden boxes can sometimes be more advantageous than their standard counterparts, is because the goods will be kept secure, even when they’re being shipped. The last thing you want is a box that’s too big, as the boxes contents will be left to slide around and will likely break. If the size of your box suits the items you’re shipping, you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged. ¬†While standard-sized pallets and boxes are a convenient solution to your transport needs, one size doesn’t always fit all.

Get custom made wooden boxes in Perth

Custom made wooden boxes come with their own set of distinct benefits, especially when you need to transport goods that need to be packed in specifically-designed boxes. Regardless of your needs, ABC Crates has the solution. Contact us today!

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