Different Types of Wooden Boxes for Packaging

Different styles of wooden boxes cater to different application needs, so we thought we’d give you some insight into the packaging types we have available.


A case is a fully enclosed wooden box and is an ideal option when you need the contents of your export to be safe from moisture and elements. For example, to avoid rust developing, machinery exported by sea needs to avoid any contact with water.


Also known as skeleton crates, these are wooden boxes with gaps of 10mm or more. We can manufacture the size of the holes according to your needs. The gap size will vary depending on the crate’s intended application. It is common to use this style to provide a frame around a product before being exported. Once the goods are packed, they are often backfilled with straw or other materials to keep them secure.


We designed our range of timber pallets to be easily transported and bear the burden of heavy and awkward objects. Pallets are easy to move by forklift, making the shipping, stacking, and storing process as simple as possible. Their flat and stable structure supports products, so lifting is made easy. Pallets can be used multiple times and recycled into furniture or garden beds once no longer needed.


Wooden saddles act as support structures for unusually shaped merchandise. Often featuring curves, saddles provide strength and rigidity to carry heavy loads safely, ensuring no damage occurs during transportation. Saddles are available in a range of standard sizes, but we can customise them on request.

Timber packing

Timber packing crates provide structural strength with few or no gaps, safely storing your objects throughout transportation, avoiding damage. Timber packing is an effective, efficient, flexible, and affordable way to transport your products.

Customise your packaging

If none of these basic styles are suitable for you, we can customise the perfect wooden packaging. We can add accessories such as foam lining, handles, wheels, locks, and many more. Our goal is to keep your merchandise safe, secure, and damage-free throughout the shipping process.

Why choose Australian Boxes and Crates?

Here at ABC, we love working with timber and creating perfectly customised wooden transport packaging for our valued customers. We offer a range of standard sizes across all packaging types but can create custom options should you need them. Give us a call and tell us what you need, and we’ll see what we can do.

And remember, by choosing wood over plastic, you select the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. For more information on our wooden transport packaging here in Perth, get in touch today.

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