How To Prevent Mould On Wooden Crates?

Using natural materials for wooden crates has many benefits; strong designs, cost-effective production, and recyclable materials. Unfortunately, using an organic material such as wood means there is a risk of mould, which can contaminate certain goods, as well as become a health hazard for workers. Read on to learn how to prevent mould growing on crates, and where to source top quality wooden crates for sale with absolutely no mould that will go the distance.

What cause mould to grow on wooden surface

Mould, or mildew, is born from dampness, and because of our temperate climate here in Western Australia this is usually down to high humidity. Poor ventilation can worsen the situation, as mould spores grow quickly in damp areas. As well as humid climates, mould grows quickly in bathrooms, basements, and other areas with little airflow and high humidity.

5 Tips to prevent mould growing on your wood

Buy quality crates

The safest way to ensure there is no mould on your wooden crates is to source them from a reputable supplier. ABC Crates has years of experience providing wooden crates for sale made from top-quality timber that has been treated properly and thoroughly checked to be mould-free, before being packaged and delivered.

Correct storage

Be sure to store your wooden crates in a space that has good airflow and minimal dampness. If you have to keep your crates in small spaces such as trailers, or small sheds, be sure to open the door for part of the day, to prevent the moisture build-up during the day that converts to water droplets at night.

Keep the crates dry

If any of your wooden crates get wet during the course of use it is important to dry them off straight away. This can easily be done by placing them in a space with good airflow, but if this means putting them outdoors for a time be sure to cover them to protect them from the elements – this means the sun as well as the rain!

Chemical treatments

Not everyone will be keen on using a chemical treatment to prevent their crates from growing mould, but there is no doubt that it is effective. These treatments can last for a couple of weeks up to a couple of months, depending on the chosen chemical, but be sure to check with your customer that they are ok with their cargo being delivered in chemically treated wooden crates particularly any food-related shipments.

How to identify mould on your wooden packaging

There can actually be some confusion over mould on wooden crates, as sometimes it’s just discolouration from metals or environmental factors. This can include iron or brown stains, exposure to the sun, or discolouration from minerals or enzymes. Mould is a biological growth that is 3D in nature, and will spread on its own.

Use a trusted seller of wooden products

As long-term providers of wooden crates for sale to the people of Western Australia, the team here at ABC Crates are proud to be a trusted seller of Australian boxes and cases in Perth and the surrounding areas. For more information on our range of wooden crates and other products, or to discuss your need for a custom range of wooden pallet crates, simply get in touch today.

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