The Pro’s of Using Wooden Crates

A Brief History of Wooden Crates


Dating back to 18th century Europe, wooden crates are known as the first known source for the transportation and storage of products. In the past, wood was the most widely used form for the containment of items for transportation. The shipping industry used wooden crates for their strength, durability, and security as they can withstand a large amount of weight, were reusable, and weather-resistant to harsh climates and extreme weather changes that occur in overseas transportation. When used to ship items they would be commonly referred to as export crates.

And, despite technological advancements such as the introduction of plastic, steel and other materials, wooden export crates still remain one of the most popular shipping solutions today.

What are the Benefits?


Strong and Sturdy – Wooden crates are known for their sturdiness and ability to stand up to pressure over extended periods of time. They’re also easily strong enough to be stackable without damaging the contents of the crate. The crates also come in many different shapes and sizes to suit the type of product you wish to transport, while still adhering to international standards.

Inexpensive – You won’t break the bank for shipping materials if you decide to use wooden crates. They require little processing and are simplistic to put together. Compared to other types of shipping containers, wooden export crates stand out as easily your cheapest option.


Natural and Non-Toxic – Because they’re so simple to put together, wooden crates are free of the toxic chemicals you might find in plastic or metal processed containers. This means you need not worry about product contamination or exposure to toxic chemicals.

ReusableWooden crates can be used more than once, unlike cardboard or other flimsy packaging materials, and easily refurbished to prolong their use. The crates can also be resealed once opened by nailing the top back on.

Recyclable – Wooden crates can be recycled in many various ways, thus reducing their carbon footprint as a product. You can chip it into wood chips, or combust the wood and turn it into a fuel source. Use your imagination and create some art out of them or something useful for your home!   


Where can I get Wooden Crates in Perth?


For all your wooden crate needs, ABC Crates can supply. Why should you choose ABC Crates? Well, with their decades of experience in providing the Perth region, they provide fast, efficient and custom-created timber products for all types of businesses.

Their packaging meets international (ISPM 15) standards, so wherever they are transported to, customers can be rest assured they will remain secure and safe. ABC Crates also provides specialty package protection for fragile objects where necessary – such as plastic, silicone craft paper lining options to ensure your goods make it to their destination in perfect condition.

More information on how ABC Crates can help tailor to your needs can be found here, or by calling (08) 9493 1228.

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