Advantages of Wooden Crates For Shipping

Choosing the right product for material handling is key to secure shipping. With so many available options, the continued popularity of non-toxic wooden crates for shipping shows how this tried and trusted material is a cut above the rest.

Accessing custom crates, pallets, and cases uniquely designed for the safe transport of your products is hugely beneficial – one of the many benefits of utilising wooden shipping materials from ABC crates.

Why use wooden crates for shipping?

There are multiple key assets of reliable shipping containers, from eco-friendly designs to affordable materials ideal for large orders. The only option that meets these expectations in today’s transport sector is custom wooden crates in Perth, where an inherently sturdy nature meets practical manufacturing advantages.


The cost of mass-producing wooden crates is far less than plywood box alternatives, making them the ideal option for expansive orders or large products to be shipped. With quality wood materials readily available for manufacturing, the process to create durable wooden shipping crates is straightforward, natural, and reliable.

This easy-to-manufacture design means low prices are passed directly on to you as the consumer. 


The durable design of wooden crates for shipping makes it difficult for tampering or theft to occur during transport – an important asset of any material handling product. The sturdy build of wooden crates has been finely honed over generations, and additional custom measures make them even more secure and protective of even the most fragile items being shipped.


One of the most simple-yet-underrated benefits of wooden crates is how stackable they are. As well as having consistent builds ideal for layering, the thick sides of each crate provide them with the necessary strength to support multiple stacks on top.

With correct vertical placement and even weight distribution, wooden crates can withstand serious pressure. This makes them ideal for efficient storage, transport, and logistics management. 


Manufacturing wooden crates requires low levels of processing, with none of the additional materials and toxic glues used when creating plywood boxes. Opting for all-natural wooden crates is great for the safe transport of a wide range of items, as well as proving your company’s eco-friendly ethos to clients.

Wood is a highly durable material, and a chemical-free heat treatment process prevents decay or infestations with no risk of toxic elements seeping into your shipment.

Custom designs

Quality shipping materials are tailored to suit the size, shape, and weight of the cargo. The simple manufacturing process of wooden crates makes them highly suitable for custom designs, further protecting items from harm or damage during long-distance transport. 

Contact ABC Crates today with your custom design specifications for a highly affordable quote.

Premium custom wooden crates in Perth

ABC Crates provide the timely delivery of premium wooden crates to a wide range of leading West Australian industries, with an impressive 17+ years of niche experience ensuring a stable supply chain for an extensive range of quality shipping supplies.

Contact ABC Crates today for a free competitive quote, or browse our range of leading wooden products online now. 

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