The Important History of Wooden Crates for Shipping

Wood as a natural resource has no match, in terms of its versatility, strength, and durability. Luckily for us, our ancestors figured out the amazing benefits of working with wood as a material and since then it’s popularity and uses have gone from strength to strength. Wood was originally popular as a material for creating beautiful and decorative boxes and containers, but before long wooden packing crates became a vital part of the booming shipping industry.

Wooden crates in the shipping industry

Timber crates began to be used for shipping in Europe, around the 10th-18th century, and wooden packing crates quickly became a staple thanks to their easy ability to protect a wide range of consumer goods over the course of long sea journeys. Just like our Perth crates, these wooden designs had the incredible strength, security, and durable thickness to transform into reliable wooden crates. Its impressive adaptability meant it became the main material used for barrels, buckets, construction, and machinery, as well as solid timber crates and packaging.

Reliable wooden packing crates

Historically almost all transportation of consumer goods had to be done via ships, where both people and products had to endure long sea journeys across the globe. With a lot of money to be made, international shipping was booming, and it became clear that the safest way to ensure all the precious cargo arrived in-damaged was to utilize timber packing crates. Not only does wood have the ability to endure intense weather and extreme climates, timber crates and pallets are easily stacked on top of each other. This guarantees safe transport as well as a tightly packed ship which further ensured a safe (and worthwhile) journey. While the shipping industry has obviously come a long way since the origins of timber crates, it speaks volumes that wooden packing crates are still the most reliable, and popular choice, for international shipping.

Why wood is so reliable

Wood is a natural material that is able to withstand the harsh weather and salty atmosphere of a sea journey, and can put up with incredibly wet conditions without falling apart. This was invaluable to the shipping industry, and is the reason timber crates remain so popular today.  International shipping means moving from one extreme climate to another, with wooden packing crates enduring both intense humidity and incredible snow and ice. It also has another benefit when compared to, say, steel alternatives – it doesn’t rust!

Our solid timber crates

Following in the tradition of centuries of a successful shipping industry, we strive to create durable wooden packing crates that are long-lasting and cost efficient for our customers. Here at ABC Crates Perth we are proud to create a reliable product made from recyclable materials. For more information on our range of Perth timber crates, or to discuss customised wooden packing crates, simply get in touch today.

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