Using Wooden Crates For Shipping

Proper packaging is essential if you are planning on transporting products safely. While there are plenty of packaging solutions available on the market, we are passionate about wooden shipping crates here at ABC.

Why choose wooden crates for shipping your merchandise?

Not only are wooden crates sustainable and efficient they can also save your goods from dust, moisture, and heat. You can even customise these boxes to your specific needs. And when you have finished with them, you can recycle them into furniture or raised garden beds.

Wooden crates are often more practical and more affordable than plastic or metal containers. While cardboard boxes are typically the least expensive option, they are usually single-use making them the least cost-efficient choice. Wood shipping crates can be reused multiple times and can be appropriated for storage later on.

Wooden crates are strong

During packing, loading, and transportation, crates can experience mechanical stress. Wooden shipping boxes are robust and can bear heavy loads, efficiently protecting your valuable goods from damages. These types of crates are fantastic for packing heavy goods, as weight distribution is uniform. There is little risk of these crates breaking or sustaining damages, even when filled with heavy merchandise.

Wooden crates are resilient

Despite rough usage when being loaded, stacked, and transported, these crates suffer very little damage. ABC’s wooden shipping crates are constructed from high-quality wood and designed to withstand biological, chemical, and mechanical stresses during storage and transportation.

Wooden crates are stackable

One of the most significant benefits of choosing wooden crates is their ability to be stacked, allowing loaders to stack them in layers without risk of breakage. As bulk transportation (especially international shipping) demands the optimal use of space available within cars, trucks, and other vehicles, wooden crates are the intelligent choice. Standard cardboard shipping boxes can lose shape due to mechanical pressure, resulting in damaged goods.

Wooden crates can be customised

It’s possible to customise these crates to include a range of extra features like casters, hinges, and locks, increasing their safety and practicality.

Wooden crates offer enhanced protection

Wooden shipping crates can reduce product damage as they act as a barrier from the environment, protecting what’s inside from moisture, dirt, and other debris floating around. Our wooden shipping crates are more than just helpful shipping containers. They are all-natural products that you can recycle into landscaping materials or fuel. These durable boxes are well-equipped to handle just about any product you need to ship.

Benefits of Using Wooden Crates for Shipping

When it comes to shipping goods, choosing the right packaging is crucial to ensure their safety and protection during transit. While there are various packaging materials available, wooden crates have been a popular choice for many businesses for several reasons.

We will discuss the benefits of using wooden crates for shipping in the following infographic.

An infographic about the benefits of using wooden crates for shipping

Why choose Australian Boxes and Crates for your wooden shipping crates in Perth?

Here at ABC, we are proud of our reliable, cost-efficient, and durable products that guarantee long-term benefits. Our shipping boxes are recyclable, perfect for transforming into garden beds and stunning household furniture.

For more information on our range of wooden crates in Perth or to discuss custom wooden pallet crates options, get in touch today.

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