Protect Your Cargo With Shipping Pallets

A lot of money is being invested into producing cargo for shipment, which is why ABC Crates’ number one priority is making sure every product is packaged safely, and arrives at its destination undamaged. We achieve this by providing the best in a range of shipping pallets, crates, and boxes.

The Types of Boxes Used for Shipping Cargo

Wooden transport boxes, crates, shipping pallets, timber packing, and saddles are all ideal for shipping cargo.


A wooden box can be used to ship almost anything, especially since they come in custom sizes and are specifically designed for the safe transportation of commercial goods.


Our crates are made to order and can come in a standard or heavy-duty quality. Typically used to transport large or awkward items, a crate is also perfect for transporting fruit and vegetables.

Shipping Pallets

Our pallets can be made standard, or to suit specific needs, and are an approved product for exporting a large amount of goods for commercial purposes.

Timber Packing

Often used as wedges for smaller items, timber packing has virtually no limitations when it comes to use and production. It can be custom-made and built to suit different sized items.


Usually used for transporting pipes and other rounded objects, saddles are heavy- duty and can be custom-made to any size.

The Advantages of Wooden Crates

ABC Crates chooses to use wooden transport crates as its preferred boxes for transport, as this durable, high-quality product comes with a myriad of benefits. Wooden crates are one of the most affordable options on the market because they’re cheaper for manufacturers to produce. The products used to make wooden transport crates are also easily accessible, with minimal processing required.

Easy and efficient to manufacture, wooden crates can be made using a simple design, or to meet a customer’s personalised design specs, which also makes the production stage, and therefore the use of wooden crates, cheaper and more efficient. A wooden crate is also sturdy and stable, providing the best possible protection to fragile and valuable items. They also add extra security, as it’s very difficult to break into a wooden crate. Their thick walls will make stacking the wooden crates on a truck or ship easier and more secure, as they offer great strength and durability, allowing the weight is distributed evenly.

Cargo Packing Tips

It’s essential each item that is being shipped is packed carefully and each crate contains plenty of cushioning. The cushioning/packing material will ensure the items are protected in the case of impact. There are a few types to choose from, including Kraft paper (or brown paper), bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard dividers, or even air bags, all of which will prevent movement inside each individual box. It’s also important that empty space is kept to a minimum. Fill as much space as possible with loose materials and don’t pack any items against the side of the container. For larger items, it’s worth bracing the cargo by attaching it to a base and then encasing the container.

Once the package is secure on the inside, it will be time to seal it. For boxes and large envelopes packing tape will do the trick, but for pallets of product being shipped, clear plastic wrap should be wrapped around the pallet and then shrunk with heat to secure each individual item on the pallet. Ensuring the correct storage and packing method has been used for the items being shipped, you can rest assured your items will reach their destination in one piece. For a trustworthy supplier of wooden crates and pallets, you can’t look past ABC Crates.

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