Saddles: The Solution to Your Round Object Battles

If your business involves shipping items and products out to people, we know this process can be a pain in the neck – even more so when the objects are rounded and harder to transport, like liquor and wine bottles. How do you pack such unusually-shaped objects the right way without risking damage to them?

Australia’s Wine Industry Is Booming – Exporting The Wines Equate To Proper Packaging

Australia’s wine industry is having a great year. A country not usually known for producing quality wines is having its time in the sun right now, with exports up by 16% around the world (half of which is to China alone, thanks to loosening restrictions on corporate gift-giving). Where Australian brands previously only found admirers in niche markets in the US and the UK, Australian wines now have a market everywhere. To complement this growing industry, packaging companies selling wine crates and wooden crates have become vital in ensuring wine bottles are safely transported to their destinations.

Other Than Wine, The Craft Beer Industry Is Growing Rapidly

Australian liquor as a whole really has the spotlight on them right now. Craft beer is also thriving and growing into the mainstream – at a rate of 8.4% per year – as Aussies continue to develop their taste for specially-brewed drinks. Everyone’s trying to get into the craft beer game, originating from the microbrewers and small brands who started making their own brews to big beer brands who are attempting to stake a claim in that market.

Craft Spirits And Premium Cocktails: Protecting Liquor While Shipping

Besides craft beer, spirits and cocktails are experiencing a resurgence, especially among younger adults than older Aussies. This demographic trends more toward specially-brewed and meticulously-crafted drinks, as well as ready-to-drink cocktails developed by both major and smaller liquor brands – which beat having to wait for a bartender to concoct these drinks. (Don’t tell the bartenders, though.)

With the rise of wine exports in different-shaped bottles comes the need for extra care in packaging them properly. Wooden saddles and wooden crates are the best way to package and deliver round items without risking damage, especially to valuable liquor products. You can’t be part of the Australian liquor boom if you don’t ship your liquor in good condition, right?

To further boost this booming industry, use our wooden saddles that are specially made for these kinds of products. Don’t worry if your bottle is not a standard size, we would gladly customise our saddle for your product. Be assured that your product will arrive in pristine condition.

No matter the size and shape of your bottle product, Australian Boxes & Cases has sturdy and durable wooden saddles that can be customised to fit any of your items. We’re the most trusted supplier of high-quality shipping and packaging materials in West Australia, and we’ll get you the boxing you need for your goods. Contact us now at or (08) 94931228 and let’s make your customised wooden saddles today.

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