Why Should We Recycle Wooden Pallets?

Can wooden pallets be recycled?

If maintained properly and carefully, wooden pallets can have at least 10 uses before they’ll need to be disposed of – ideally recycled. Luckily, once you’re ready to retire your wooden pallet(s), the recycling process is incredibly easy and efficient.

Wooden pallets are very easy to recycle, and many businesses across the globe opt to recycle their used wooden pallets to reap a range of environmental benefits. There are professional pallet processing facilities that focus only on pallet reuse and recycling, making the process simple and efficient for all involved.

If you’re considering recycling any wooden pallets in your possession, here are some of the key benefits, and information on how the pallet recycling process works.

Benefits of recycling wooden pallets

  • Reduced landfill – by recycling your wooden pallets, you’ll be diverting them from their way to becoming landfill. As a large quantity of landfill in Australia is made up of wood, reducing this amount, in whatever increment you can, will be more environmentally conscious in the long run.
  • Less logging – As more and more wooden pallets are recycled, there is less logging around the country as recycled wood remains in circulation and eliminates the need to chop down trees for fresh wood. Lessening this strain on Australia’s natural bushland will greatly help to protect the delicate ecosystems that are currently in danger.
  • They make unique furniture pieces – Once separated and broken down, wooden pallets can be used to construct DIY, rustic-style furniture pieces for in or around your home. Ideas for furniture you could create including shelving or other storage options, indoor or outdoor tables, or items for utility like garden paths or fences.
  • Promotion of good health and safety practices – as the wooden pallet recycling process is quite simple and efficient to complete, encouraging staff members at your business to recycle any broken or breaking wooden pallets could potentially prevent nasty cuts, other injuries, or even building-wide hazards like fires. Keeping track of all wooden pallets within your company’s rotation will ensure unsuitable pallets are recycled and no longer used (and therefore, not posing a risk to other employees).

How do wooden pallets get recycled?

Wooden pallets are commonly recycled in a pallet processing factory. When they arrive intact at the factory, the pallets are separated and recycled according to their quality, wear, and potential value. Most wooden pallets are usually suitable to be dismantled and used for things like garden mulch, compost or animal bedding, or simply as scrap wood pieces.

If you’re opting to recycle your own wooden pallets, for example, into a piece of furniture, be sure to use extra care when separating the slats in case of termites or any wood sticking out that could harm you in the process. It’s also advised to do your research before starting any DIY furniture projects involving wooden pallets. Online how-to guides about building furniture from scratch will help you avoid any unnecessary wood wastage that may occur if you decide to ‘wing’ it yourself.

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