What to Consider When Ordering Wooden Boxes For Export or Transportation

Having the right amount of quality wooden boxes and Wooden pallets is essential when relying on the regular transportation of goods. However, it’s important to determine a suitable order of wooden crates each time to avoid an over-packed warehouse or costly expedited fees for urgent deliveries.

Learn all about key considerations before purchasing superior wooden boxes for transport or export, and be prepared when you next request a quote or make an order.

Important factors for choosing wooden transport boxes

Making the correct product or packaging order is a priority for many businesses, especially industries handling large volumes of goods like warehouses, factories, logistics, and shipping. 

Before placing an order for wooden transport crates, it’s important to clarify several important factors to determine the ideal number of export crates needed:

Selecting wooden boxes for international shipping

Shipping products of all shapes and sizes across the globe requires careful planning. Transport issues like damaged goods, crushed boxes, and dampness or mould can cause real disruption, from lost income to a reputation for poor-quality items. 

To select the ideal wooden boxes for your international shipping needs, it’s important to choose a reputable provider. 

As well as multiple options for wood materials and wood treatments (to deter pests and fungus), experienced suppliers can build custom designs to reliably store items of any size, shape, or weight for long periods. Consider additional protective elements for fragile goods, as well as clear labelling to avoid mix-ups. 

Finding a premium supplier of export crates

Finding the right supplier of quality wooden transport boxes has plenty of long-term benefits. Having security around the reliable export of items internationally takes immense pressure off daily operations, and ensures continued supply chain consistency and success.

Choosing a reputable supplier with proven claims of high-quality products and reliable customer service not only saves you time and money through quality assurance but provides your vendors with peace of mind about receiving well-protected products every time – a key part of retaining customers in the long run. 

Superior wooden transport boxes from ABC Crates

Making sure your items arrive safely in premium condition is a significant priority for any business. ABC Crates understand the value of quality customised packaging, specialising in making superior wooden transport crates and boxes to suit any shipping requirements.

Each product is made to the highest quality standards using robust, ethically sourced materials. If you’re unsure about the best product for your goods, simply get in touch today – friendly and knowledgeable team members are waiting to help!

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