Why Wooden Crates are a Better Option for Manufacturers

The safe shipment of products is a top priority for manufacturers. Why expend time and money creating a top-quality item only for it to become damaged in transit? Finding reliable protective packaging is a crucial long-term investment, and there’s a reason many leading sectors prefer to use wooden crates.

While there are plenty of shipping options, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more durable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective choice than versatile wooden boxes. 

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The many benefits of wooden crates for manufacturers

From a focus on eco-friendly practices to needing secure custom-made export crates to suit your particular application, there are many advantages to choosing wooden crates for shipping. 


The beauty of wood is in its inherent durability, naturally designed to withstand the many physical impacts and stress that come with transporting goods – from packing to unloading. 


Ensuring goods are fully secured within their transportation container is key for a safe journey, and robust wooden industrial crates and boxes are fully sealed with little chance of external access or damage to internal items. 


Acquiring the perfect fit for packaging ensures quality and protects against loss of income. Custom-made wooden boxes are made to meet unique specifications and can be combined with tailored internal materials like timber packing for secure transportation. 


Wooden crates are ideal for reuse, making them a highly economical option. Custom wooden crates prevent you from paying for wasted space in a large steel container (which weighs more than wooden alternatives), or spending more on multiple smaller plastic designs. 

Custom wooden crates and boxes can also easily be stacked, making them a practical choice for storage, shipping, and reuse. 


Wood is a renewable resource, and is the most sustainable and eco-friendly option for packaging materials available. Choosing a greener supply chain allows you to reuse wooden containers and safely recycle them when needed; a decision your eco-conscious customers will value. 

How do wooden boxes compare to other materials?

Let’s compare quality wooden crates to other materials:

  • Plastic – popular as an accessible-yet-lower quality option, plastic is costly to buy in custom designs making it inefficient for shipping unique wood.
  • Cardboard – while environmentally friendly, cardboard is useful as internal packaging but not as a secure container for long journeys. 
  • Steel containers – shipping containers are reliable, but unless you can perfectly fill the entire space it’s more economical to use custom wooden crates, and the weight of containers adds to their expense. 

A wide range of robust wooden transport options

  • Crates – custom crates made from solid pine provide efficient and affordable shipping.
  • Pallets – easy to transport and capable of bearing heavy loads, pallets are great for large or heavy items and can easily be moved using a forklift. 
  • Boxes – lightweight-yet-firm, custom wooden boxes fit the exact specs needed to save space, time, and money.
  • Saddles – safely move curved items with strong custom-made wooden saddles.
  • Timber packing – keep goods closely protected within their wooden container with sustainable timber packing.

Superior export crates from ABC Crates

Over 25 years of experience have cemented ABC Crates as a renowned supplier of premium wooden boxes, pallets, export crates, timber packing, and more, known for timely deliveries and a stable supply chain. 

Browse the range of sustainable wooden transportation products online now, or get in touch with any queries.

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