Transport Boxes, Crates, Pallets, and Packaging

ABC Crates provide the perfect solution to store, transport and export all of your important products in many shapes and forms. With shipping pallets, transport boxes, crates and saddles, how can you ensure you have the right protection to not only move your goods from A to B but also keep them protected in storage? At ABC Crates, we understand that all of our clients have different products. Therefore they require different services. Fortunately, we know how to build the right protection for you.

We know that products needing storage will range in dimension, height and weight, so there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to securing your products. You might need to store loose items, including fruits and vegetables, or safely transport more bulky items like fridges and other white goods. Your items might be heavy, curvy or even very fragile. Let us take the hard work out for you and build you quality storage based on your specific requirements.

Transport Boxes

Our boxes are perfect for ensuring all your items are safe and secure. We build our transport boxes and export boxes around your individual products, meaning that your goods will not only be fitted firmly but will be supported by the precise weight that you require. They have been built out of hardwood medium-density fibreboard, which is a high-quality material that has been machine dried and pressed. We ensure that only the most solid, dense and stable materials protect your product. The material also doesn’t require much maintenance and is perfect for protecting your goods from harsh and unpredictable environments.

Other Packaging Options

Our crates are built to allow you to perfectly pack your objects in a very compact, convenient and stackable way. They feature a slatted design with easy visibility inside the crates. This is perfect for smaller items like produce or other loose items you need to transport. They are also lightweight, meaning that you save on both money and space!

Our shipping pallets, on the other hand, are perfect for bearing the burden of awkward and heavy objects. They are popular due to their ability to be easily lifted by forklifts. They are also ready and approved according to the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure Regulations (ISPM).

Our saddles are great for when you need to transport and store any curved items. All our clients require different structures, so we design and manufacture strong and rigid saddles to safely carry heavy loads, depending on what you need. Just ask us to measure the diameter, width and height to match the exact dimension of your individual product, and we will make it as easy as possible to get your product from A to B without any stress in the world!

We guarantee that our packaging services will be perfect for you. Each client of ours requires a different size, strength and firmness, so we will customise your packaging so that you have reusable, long-lasting quality protection that features structural strength with minimal or no gaps and can be stored safely. Contact ABC Crates to find the perfect packaging products to suit your needs!

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